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Musika has been offering Fairfield Voice Lessons since 2001. Our voice teachers create customized lesson plans for each student, and help you bring music alive one note at a time!

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Featured Fairfield Voice Teachers

Celeste H


Celeste is a composer and singer; performing on piano, bowed psaltery and harmonium, she is a Celtic performer and educator of the highest technical caliber. She is known for unique approaches to her show concepts, bringing depth and variety to the rich heritage of Irish poetry and Celtic storytelling.Celeste has performed at Carnegie Hall under the direction of famed composer John Rutter, and as an honored guest at Government House in Queensland Australia and ABC.

Laura M


Hi and thanks for visiting!  My name is Laura, and I am a certified "Vocal Styles" specialist by Berklee College of Music, located in New York. My goal is to help artists and vocalists of all styles by instilling proper vocal technique as well as providing guidance in the music business. Together, we can map out a strategy, goal-set, and help you find your STRONGEST & TRUEST VOICE. Reviews:"Laura is wonderful on so many levels. She has incredible talent, and a love for her craft that she passes on to her students. She is always professional, friendly, and fun. She relates to her students on their level, while always trying to bring them up to the next level. As an artist, a person, and a teacher, she deserves the highest praise there is."-Parent of Student"Laura is in my opinion, the best at what she does! I've been training with her for over a year and I as well as others around me have seen a tremendous improvement in my voice. She's extremely patient and makes the learning process fun and stress free :o) Her discipline and dedication are sure to rub off on you, making you a better artist and person. Anyone who is in search of a great vocal coach needs to look no further, Laura Monaco is definitely the one to see!!!"-Student

Tara C


Tara is a Music Teacher/Vocal Coach in the Connecticut area. In 1992 Tara was accepted into the Berklee College of Music where she received her Bachelor’s in Music Education.  While studying at Berklee Tara learned to coach students in vocal techniques, stage presence, ear training etc.

Laura M


I am a recent graduate of the University of Missouri, Kansas City with a Master's Degree in Voice Performance. I relocated to NYC in September, 2013 to actively pursue a career in performance. I began formal voice lessons at the age of 14, but I began singing in choirs at age 6 and have been in love with performing since then. My primary focus is classical music, opera in particular, but I am also at home in musical theater and can work in other genres. Some of my past operatic performance credits include The Countess in The Marriage of Figaro, First Lady in The Magic Flute, and Micaela in Carmen. Some past musical theater credits include Mrs. Segstrom in A Little Night Music and The Stepmother in Into the Woods. I believe everyone can learn to sing and I love sharing my passion for music with others.

Malcolm G


I am a calm, laid-back, yet intense teacher who expects the best from myself and my students.  In almost every aspect of my life, I take an approach developed from my experiences with bodybuilding.  As a competitive bodybuilder in college, I learned that progress requires desire, discipline, patience, self-evaluation, and the willingness to change directions and tweak one's regimen.  I see weakness as simply the absence of strength, which is correctable. The same can be said of weight-lifting, of singing, and of practically any endeavor.

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More Information About Voice Lessons

The voice can become easily fatigued through misuse or overuse. The best way to avoid vocal fatigue is to avoid shouting or screaming, get plenty of rest and drink plenty of water. For voices that are already fatigued, warm ups and exercises performed lightly and at low volume levels can help to reinvigorate the voice and rebalance the air pressure above and below the vocal folds. The voice can also become irritated by things such as mucus - often a result of allergies or illness - sugary foods and alcohol. If ill, either avoid singing altogether or keep to short, light sessions.
Musika offers personalized and customized one-on-one voice lessons in your home. The convenience of at home lessons saves you time. Instead of driving to a studio, fighting traffic or putting off other important activities, stay home and let Musika instructors come to you. In-home lessons also provide you with access to our professional staff. They offer instruction in every musical genre. Learn classical for theater performances or master R&B for a reality TV audition. You only need a piano and sheet music, and then you are set to learn how to sing from the comfort of your home.
Voice lessons will focus on developing proper breathing technique and vocal technique and ways to improve your singing. You will learn how to support and project your voice, you will learn how to read music so that you can read the melody of the singing line. You will also learn how to interpret different styles of music, performance techniques, how to emotionally interpret song lyrics and phrases. The most important thing you will learn in voice lessons is how to express yourself through singing!
Students studying voice for the first time as an adult can look forward to working on vocal exercises and breathing techniques which can help improve their range and tone. Adult students may be interested in studying primarily classical vocal technique, or they may want to focus on different styles like pop or jazz. Our instructors can help you reach your musical and stylistic goals!
Singing for pleasure or as a profession is one fantasy many kids have. To be successful, they need voice lessons, but a child-™s voice isn-™t ready for vocal training until the child has reached puberty. At that time, the voice is mature enough to undergo regular singing, vocal exercises and other rigors associated with voice lessons. We recommend kids wait until they are at least 11 or 12 before they start voice lessons. Our instructors can then provide the personalized instruction your child needs while he or she pursues the possibility of a profession in voice performance.

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