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Our music lesson students will have the opportunity to take lessons from the comfort of their own home or in one of the teachers studios. Careful attention is placed on each student to ensure a custom lesson plan. Our music teachers understand that every student has different needs and abilities and therefore the lessons will be planned with that knowledge in mind.

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Featured Voice Teachers In Plymouth County

Here are just a few of the many teachers offering voice lessons in Plymouth. Whether you are looking for beginner voice lessons for your kids, or are an adult wanting to improve your skills, the instructors in our network are ready to help you now!
Simona M

Simona M

Instruments: Voice

Teaching Methods: For beginning students who are children (3-7 years old), I typically start with the nice songs, which involve dance, animal sounds, musical games, simple percussion instruments, clapping, funny- playful movements. With the older children (8-14) we start learning staff, keys, music notes, basic scales, more complex songs, but still keep the playfulness. If I teach in person - I usually play guitar, so I can move with the students. Teenagers (15-18) are abe to set their own goals, but they're still following the basic music theory approach. They learn scales, intervals, vocal warm-ups, basic improvisation, repertoire (based upon requested style), different vocal techniques, arpeggiation and articulation exercises. For vocal technique I mostly use Bob Stoloff and Michelle Weir books, but I am always adding new material following today's industry. I also incorporate bacic production and arranging techniques, so my students have an opportunity to produce their songs and creat online profiles with their songs. Adults (18+) are learning based upon their previous musical background: during our first lesson we set our goals and we directly work towards them. Every lesson includes PDF handouts, homework, separate e-mail with week's listening list, transcribing material.

Teaching Styles: I love teaching, and my teaching style reflects today's industry and styles. Incorporating production, arranging, harmony elements into my lessons makes students more eager to discover their own style and try new things. I love to create a nice relationship with the students, find out about his/her musical goals and passions and encourage him/her to explore his/her creativity to the maximum. I am always creating a friendly environment, so students can feel comfortable and willing to keep studying music. I am a young, friendly and warm person. Little kids like my energy and adults like my professional approach and hard working.

Jessica P

Jessica P

Instruments: Voice, Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet, Recorder, Oboe

Teaching Methods: For beginner students, if they are enrolled in a music program at their school, I will use the method they are provided augmented by music and theory I have developed. For Flute students, I have found that many band methods, which are what many public schools use, are not written for flute, but rather are transposed (or translated if you think of music as a language). My method teaches for success. My main concern is that students enjoy what they are doing as it will foster continued interest, a willingness to practice, and success.  For intermediate and advansed students, I will work with them on band/orchestra, SEMSBA, and District pieces. I also like to add in other pieces. One company that I like to use is Rubank/Hal Leonard. They make methods from Elementary to Advanced. For vocal students, I will work with a number of different pieces dependant upon skill and interest. I will work on choral, SEMSBA, and District music as well.

Teaching Styles: I consider myself to be a positive person who loves to laugh. I feel that music is an expression of oneself, so learning should be fun and be full of success. For beginners, I set small goals to start then add on more as I see thae student can handle more. For intermediate and Advanced students, I challenge them, but also make sure they are playing/singing things they like. I hope to foster a love in music, and bring out the musician in all of them.

Katherine S

Katherine S

Instruments: Piano, Voice

Teaching Methods: Piano Students: I work only with beginners and I use Suzuki Method supplemented with songs of the student's choice. Voice Students: While the basis for my vocal technique is rooted in the classical Bel Canto tradition, my students do not end up having a "classical" sound (unless that is what they want). I firmly believe in the value of training versatile singers. We work on text analysis, and performing techniques that are specific to the style the student wishes to sing in. This includes acting, movement, and microphone use. 

Teaching Styles: My goal is to foster and encourage a lifelong love of music and a passion for communication. To me, that means training students in the styles of music that each individual feels the most connected to, and then extending their knowledge and awareness to styles that they may not have as much experience with. I believe that an in depth study of music is, in essence, the study of communication. Training people to be thoughtful communicators gives them confidence, individuality, and an invaluable set of skills that can be applied to any future interest or career path. I am focused on letting each student get in touch with who they are, and encouraging them to not be afraid to share that through music.  

Kramer G

Kramer G

Instruments: Piano, Voice, Trumpet, Trombone, Saxophone, Drums

Teaching Methods: My goal is for my student to feel confident on his or her instrument, to be knowledgable in an appropriate number of scales and musical terms, and to read and write with appropriate musical notation.  

Teaching Styles: Since I believe music is best when it is an expressive artform, I encourage my students to use their music playing skills as a means to create and become confident in their ability to do so.  Music is a huge joy for me, so I try to share this with my students and lead them to find the same experience.   I keep my lessons moving and challenging and try to make the whole process rewarding.

Jane W

Jane W

Instruments: Piano, Voice, Violin, Recorder

Teaching Methods: Throughout the many years of teaching, I have compiled my own method exercises from different schools (American, Japanese, and British).  For younger students, I usually work comprehensively on technique, music literacy, music theory and ear training.   For adults, our lessons will be driven by your goals - we can work on repertoires, technique, arranging, transposition, sight reading, improvisation, etc.   I encourage students to take their own notes and use technology to practice. Yes, there will be a practice log!  It's fun but it's also a commitment.     

Teaching Styles: Everyone can learn music but I recognize people learn differently.  I am very positive and supportive, so don't worry if you have not played or sung before.   In my master's degree study, I've done research on how to motivate different types of learners: visual, kinesthetic, aural and analytical - these are all intelligences; not one is better than the other.  Which style I use depends on how you learn best.  

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