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Musika has been offering Sacramento Violin Lessons since 2001. Our violin teachers create customized lesson plans for each student, and help you bring music alive one note at a time!

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Corrin E


 Corrin is a Violinist and Fiddler based in the USA.  As a young musician Corrin was drawn towards the depth and sensitivity of emotional expression from musicians from many different cultures and musical genres such as Kevin Burke playing traditional Irish fiddle at its best, Itzhak Perlman a violinist with classical genius, and Mahalia Jackson singing masterful and emotionally rich spirituals and gospel hymns. She began her love of music dancing in ballet classes to the wonderful live pianists playing the famous Russian classical composers. At this impressionably young age Corrin was also taught Flamenco, modern dance, Irish step, African and jazz dance. Corrin started on her own musical path with the violin through the Suzuki Method, a method that she now uses to teach. This was also the time when she was first introduced to fiddling. She set out to learn the many different styles of her heroes when she moved to West Virginia, USA- close enough to take classes in Elkins, WV, where the critically acclaimed Augusta Heritage Festival is held every summer. At Augusta, she first studied Blues fiddle and got to jam all night long with Andra Faye of Sapphire, the Uppity Blues Women, Richard Smith, and Jim Schwall, and heard blues masters perform such as the critically acclaimed duo Cephas and Wiggins and the Piedmont style guitar legend John Jackson. As a very light-skinned young black woman- “Multi-ethnic” as she likes to say, these experiences added great depth to her already filled historical education from her mother, who insisted that she know where she came from. This led her to study, as a homeschooled high-schooler, with her mother’s friend, Dr. Jose Pimienta-Bey. He was then a professor of History at West Virginia University, and Corrin was introduced to Capoeira- the Brazilian martial art, and assigned to read books by Cheik anta Diop, Malidoma Patrice Some, Robert Farris Thompson, and Ivan van Sertima. She also attended the prestigious National Association of Black Storytellers Conference, and heard many, many great storytellers from all over the country tell many traditional tales from African and African-American folklore.   At the Augusta Heritage Festival, Corrin also took lessons and classes in traditional Irish fiddling with Jessie Smith, Winifred Horan of Solas, and Willie Kelly. To balance out her artistic curiosities, while playing violin in the local salsa band “Los Montaneros,” she traded a gig for taking classes in Celtic knotwork and lettering from R.P. Hale, and Celtic stonecarving from Eammon O’Cuinn.   She has since studied and traveled all over the world, studying with great master musicians, from Simone Bernardini of the Berlin Philharmonic, to Owain Phyfe and Bob Bielefeld who play the most gorgeous world music from ancient times, what they call the “Greatest Hits of the 16th century” give or take a century or two.   Other notable teachers she studied with full time or had master classes from have been David Salness and James Stern while Corrin was studying music performance at the University of Maryland at College Park, Winifred Horan, Fred Johnson, Kamau Kenyatta, Kevin Burke, David Salness, James Stern, William Preucil, Omar al-Musfi, and the list goes on.   She teaches violin and fiddle with the Suzuki method. This method is very effective. It helps to get the most out of your time with the least amount of stress and effort, while creating a beautiful sensitivity and musical artistry in your playing.   Corrin is a member of the Suzuki Association of the Americas, and a huge promoter of the importance of early childhood education. She has taught violin at the St. Anna's Church Arts Children’s Summer Program for at-risk youth in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, until she was promoted to Assistant Director of the program in December 2010. She left the position to attend to family matters back home, and so she is now currently happy to be teaching private violin and fiddle lessons at the Champaign School of Music in Champaign, Illinois, USA.   Corrin’s debut CD is titled “Leaky Otter: The Folk Album” such a silly title somehow could not be helped. This CD is filled with wonderful tunes from around the world, including original compositions.   Corrin has toured in the USA and performed internationally with theater companies and in various world music bands and ensembles, such as Cantiga, The Fred Johnson Ensemble, and The New World Renaissance Band. As a violinist, fiddler, composer, teacher and performer Corrin is establishing herself as a top instructor and emerging recording artist.   Corrin is currently looking for more dedicated violin and fiddle students who are interested in making THEIR goals reality.  

Pejman A


I have been insfluenced and surrounded with music since childhood. I have experience in multiple aspects of music from performance to teaching and just about everything in between. I love working with students to achieve their goals. The most rewarding feeling for me is when my student feels they've accomplished a technique or method on their respective instrument. I strive to keep lessons joyous yet keep the student motivated to practice at home. I travel to students' home and will soon have my own studio to give the student the option to travel to me. 

Jun Z


I started to learn the violin when I was four, so I’ve spent 19 years together with the violin. I’ve experienced the whole process, becoming a mature player from a beginner. During that time, I attended various orchestras, competed with other players at various competitions, and received many awards. As a result,  I have explored, in detail the difficulties a student can encounter at different growing stages, and I have the keys to solve them. Now, with the education that I received from California State University, Sacramento, my teaching ability has been further strengthened dramatically.  

Mariya M


I believe in focusing individually on every student, to help them achieve their own success. Discipline and self motivation important. I focus on building a solid technical foundation through various technical studies and etudes. I also encourage students to attend concerts, develop basic theory, and to seek/participate in other physical activities such as dance, sports, which would help with developing coordination and strength. Materials:Students are expected to bring all necessary materials to lessons, including their instrument, shoulder rest, rosin, cleaning cloth, music, a notebook, and a pencil.Violins can be rented and necessary materials can be purchased locally at:Watermelon Music Store207 E StDavis, CA(530) 758-4010Students are encouraged to participate in youth orchestra, chamber music, and summer music programs and festivals. The student is expected to consult with the teacher regarding potential programs to ensure that the best decisions are made for the student's education.

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More Information About Violin Lessons

When starting violin lessons, students will choose if they would like to buy or rent the instrument. Many beginners will choose the rental option as it is less of a financial commitment, and can be done on a month to month basis. When you rent a violin, you will be given everything you need to start lessons, the instrument, a case, and a bow. Almost all instrumental music stores will offer rental programs, and they can guide you in your choosing of the correct option.
When you choose in home lessons, you are choosing the most convenient way to add music to your life. By having the instructor come to your home you are saving time, money, and energy! Not only is this a convenient option for busy schedules, but it allows you to learn your instrument in the familiar, and comfortable space of your own home. Learning in an environment where you are at ease is beneficial for both children and adults.
Our teachers create a customized lesson plan for every student, so no two students' lesson plans will be identical. Topics covered during Musika's violin lessons may include, but are not limited to: how to hold the violin and bow, Different bowing techniques: detache, legato, staccatto, how to read music, musicianship skills to aid in playing in tune, developing a natural, tasteful vibrato for sustained notes, and most importantly, learn to have fun playing the violin!
We love adult students! We have adults who are complete beginners, some who haven't played their instrument in 10 years, and some who are more advanced students looking to take their skills to the next level. Our teachers have proven methods to get you the results you desire.
Children can start violin as early as age 4. Though there is a standard size for violins, they also come in smaller sizes which can be used by small children. As the students grow, they can move up in size, and the instrument can grow with them. Being one of the smallest members of the string family, the violin lends itself well to small hands. Any teacher, or music store professional can help you choose the correct size. During violin lessons, children will begin to learn how to handle the instrument correctly, read music, and develope their overall skills as a musician.

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