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Musika has been offering Yardley Guitar Lessons since 2001. Our guitar teachers create customized lesson plans for each student, and help you bring music alive one note at a time!

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Featured Yardley Guitar Teachers

Adam R


I'm a passionate teacher who loves working with students of all ages.  I've been teaching full time for 7 years and have enjoyed making steady progress with my students.  I've performed in rock bands, jazz bands, and classical settings.  I try to impart my real world experience culled from playing in clubs, weddings, and concert halls as a member of the Philadelphia classical guitar society.  I strive to make lessons fun and enjoyable so that learning happens effortlessly.

Mark S


Mark started his passion for music and the guitar at the age of seven.  By the time he was thirteen, he had finally convinced his parents to send him to guitar lessons.  From that point, he never looked back.  Mark dedicated all his free time to music and the guitar.  From 13-18, Mark worked closely with his guitar teacher, studying a wide range of musical styles, from blues and classical, to rock and heavy metal.  Mark also got his first tastes of other aspects of music, taking music theory lessons as well as taking classes in studio engineering and recording.  Rounding out his musical exeriences, he led his own original band in high school and quickly became known as the guitar player of his school. Mark continued his musical path, studying music at Rutgers University.  During his tenure at Rutgers, he set a rigorous training schedule, studying music theory, classical guitar, jazz guitar, as well as piano and composition.  He completed independent studies on opera with Julianne Baird as well as theory and composition with Joseph Schiavo.  During this time, he continued his own musical pursuits, writing and performing his own music in various bands throughout the tri-state area. Upon graduation, Mark continued pursuing a musical career in popular music as well as worked as a teacher for the school, the Conservatory Without Walls in south Jersey. After approximalely three years of teaching, Mark went on hiatus to devote his career to performing.  During that time, Mark led a successful alt-rock trio as the guitarist and lead vocalist.  His group was signed to an independent label, released two critically acclaimed CD's, and played the club circuit along the eastern United States.  His group opened up for well-known alt-rock bands such as the Dead Milkmen, Firehose, and Buzzkill. After some time, Mark decided to distance himself from the rigors of performing and touring.  Mark focused on recording and engineering as well as producing other artists.  He also decided to return to teaching.  At this time, Mark began his tenure with Musika.  While Mark is still actively composing and playing, his focus is now squarely set on working with those interested in developing their knowledge and passion for music and the guitar.         

Nicole T


Nicole received her Bachelor's of Music Business degree from Monmouth University. Studying guitar, music theory and song writing for over ten years, Nicole has created several successful original bands that were featured in issues of Billboard Magazine and has worked with Seventeen Magazine and Z100 radio station. Additionally, performances have included sharing the stage with national acts such as Drama Rama and Laura Warshauer. Nicole continues her success by performing in rock, R&B, reggae and contemporary bands as well as musical productions such as Oliver Twist. Nicole has also worked for Def Jam of Universal Music Group and has been teaching music, specifically guitar lessons, for over 9 years to students of various ages and ability levels.

Matthew B


I am a passionate teacher that finds ways to motivate students while sharing my love for music. I have been teacher as long as I have been playing, and I am still finding new ways to talk about and teach music. I graduated from Temple University with my masters degree in clarinet performance in 2011 and have been continuing to pursue my love of performing and teaching since. Luckily I have had the opportunity of performing at many different concert halls in the Northeast, such as Carnegie Hall in New York City and Verizon Hall in Philadelphia, and also in various halls in Italy and China.

Joseph m


THE JOY OF MUSIC           My life’s work is dedicated to sharing my passion for music, as artist and teacher. Music can be a career, a stress re-leaver and a friend in tough times. Each one of us has a unique musical talent to nurture and share. While on mission trips to India, Nepal and Costa Rica I discovered music is truly the universal language. We did not speak the same language but our understanding and sharing of music became the cornerstone or lasting friendships.

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More Information About Guitar Lessons

It is recommended that young students begin by learning on smaller, half or three-quarter sized guitars. For older students, they may want to start off on an electric guitar - but only if they find it comfortable enough to hold and play. For $150 - $200, a brand new student model guitar can purchased. However, this price does not include the cost of buying an amplifier or guitar leads, which are essential for an electric guitar player. Consider buying the highest quality instrumentation your budget will permit, as the better the quality, the easier the instrument will be to play. This makes learning and playing much more enjoyable for the student, and will therefore help them to progress quicker.
Taking in home guitar lessons saves you time, energy, and money. There is no need to pack up the guitar or amp to take them to the teachers studio, since a qualified, talented teacher can travel directly to your home. We make finding a teacher easy by matching you with a teacher who fits your needs and schedule.
Musika plans its guitar lessons with the specific requirements of each individual student in mind. During the course of their guitar lessons, students can expect to learn; How to hold, tune and familiarize themselves with the components and notes of the guitar, basic playing techniques such as fretting, fingering and strumming, and learning the various chord-types that they will need in order to play their favorite songs, such as power chords, open chords and barre chords. Students will also get to learn music theory, and will cover such aspects as; reading music, learning different scales, and how to apply these different elements together as part of a full composition. Students will learn the theory and techniques that underlie a wide range of musical genres, and will have fun developing their guitar playing during their lessons. Eventually, students will get to enjoy learning and playing along to their favorite songs!
Many adults take guitar lessons! Your teacher will develop an individualized lesson plan relevant to your musical needs and goals. Adults taking guitar lessons for the first time can expect to learn a lot of new things, and have fun in the process!
At Musika, we offer guitar lessons to students as young as 6 years of age. Students in this age category will start of by learning to play simple tunes on the top strings of the guitar. It is most comfortable for students of this age to start off by playing a half sized acoustic guitar with nylon strings. By about 7-8 years old, students will be forming different chords and playing along to their favorite songs. When students get to about 10-12 years old, they may become interested in a specific genre (usually rock) and decide to learn on a full-sized electric guitar.

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