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Musika has been offering Haworth Guitar Lessons since 2001. Our guitar teachers create customized lesson plans for each student, and help you bring music alive one note at a time!

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Featured Haworth Guitar Teachers

Ben A


I am a guitarist/pianist/vocal coach living in Astoria, Queens. Aside from teaching privately, I am also an Adjunct Faculty at Nassau Community College, and work as a Conductor throughout the New York area

Conrad D


I was introduced to music early on by my parents. Being classically trained on the piano I started playing and writing songs at the tender age of seven. My early piano influences are Mozart, Beethoven and Gershwin amongst others. Growing up, I became even more influenced by Pop, R&B, Funk, and Rock artists from the likes of  Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and Prince. As a teenager in high school, I performed recitals and played in rock bands, and picked up the guitar and drums to broaden my music repertoire.

Eli F


Lead and rhythm guitarist and instructor for 20 years, with a BFA in Jazz Guitar Performance from the New School for Social Research. Teaches at the Bank Street School in Manhattan.

Mark S


Mark started his passion for music and the guitar at the age of seven.  By the time he was thirteen, he had finally convinced his parents to send him to guitar lessons.  From that point, he never looked back.  Mark dedicated all his free time to music and the guitar.  From 13-18, Mark worked closely with his guitar teacher, studying a wide range of musical styles, from blues and classical, to rock and heavy metal.  Mark also got his first tastes of other aspects of music, taking music theory lessons as well as taking classes in studio engineering and recording.  Rounding out his musical exeriences, he led his own original band in high school and quickly became known as the guitar player of his school. Mark continued his musical path, studying music at Rutgers University.  During his tenure at Rutgers, he set a rigorous training schedule, studying music theory, classical guitar, jazz guitar, as well as piano and composition.  He completed independent studies on opera with Julianne Baird as well as theory and composition with Joseph Schiavo.  During this time, he continued his own musical pursuits, writing and performing his own music in various bands throughout the tri-state area. Upon graduation, Mark continued pursuing a musical career in popular music as well as worked as a teacher for the school, the Conservatory Without Walls in south Jersey. After approximalely three years of teaching, Mark went on hiatus to devote his career to performing.  During that time, Mark led a successful alt-rock trio as the guitarist and lead vocalist.  His group was signed to an independent label, released two critically acclaimed CD's, and played the club circuit along the eastern United States.  His group opened up for well-known alt-rock bands such as the Dead Milkmen, Firehose, and Buzzkill. After some time, Mark decided to distance himself from the rigors of performing and touring.  Mark focused on recording and engineering as well as producing other artists.  He also decided to return to teaching.  At this time, Mark began his tenure with Musika.  While Mark is still actively composing and playing, his focus is now squarely set on working with those interested in developing their knowledge and passion for music and the guitar.         

Yvan S


I'm a fun and unique instructor who is both classicaly trained and self taught.  I studied music in school, but taught myself how to play guitar.  I graduated from Baruch College and the Institute of Audio Research, and I have been a professional musician for over 10 years and an Audio Engineer for the past five.  I truly learned how to be a musician by performing around New York City as a solo artist and with my band.  I learned most of my stagecraft at the legendary CBGB's.

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More Information About Guitar Lessons

It is highly recommended that young students begin by learning on smaller, half or three-quarter sized acoustic guitars. For older students, an electric guitar may be suitable, on the basis that they can hold it correctly and with comfort. For between $150 - $200, many student model guitars can be bought from new. Electric guitar players will also need to purchase an amplifier and guitar cables, at additional costs. Remember, higher quality instruments are often easier to play, which will likely enhance the students enjoyment and development the instrument.
Musika offers customized one-on-one music lessons at your home - a time saving solution for busy parents and students. The convenience of in-home guitar lessons allows you to save time without having to transport your child to class, allows your child to maximize their busy schedule, and provides a safe and familiar environment in which to learn.
Our guitar students will learn how to hold, tune, and familiarize themselves with the components and notes of the guitar, basic playing techniques such as fretting, fingering and strumming, and learning the various chord-types that they will need in order to play their favourite songs, such as power chords, open chords and barre chords. Students will also get to learn music theory, and will cover such aspects as; reading music, learning different scales, and how to apply these different elements together as part of a full composition. Students will learn the theory and techniques that underlie a wide range of musical genres, and will have fun developing their guitar playing during their lessons. Eventually, students will get to enjoy learning and playing along to their favorite songs!
Whether your goal is to learn to play your favorite tunes, learn to compose your own music, develop a new technique or just to play for fun, our experienced teachers can help you make those goals a reality! Musika recommends that adult students begin lessons with a clear goal or two in mind, which can greatly help a teacher create a customized lesson plan just for your own lessons. By sticking to the teacher-™s lesson plan during your weekly practice sessions, you-™ll see faster results and have more fun while playing the guitar.
Students can start taking their lessons as young as 6 years old with a half size classical guitar (with nylon strings), by playing simple melodies on the top strings. Every child learns and develops at their own pace, but by ages 7-8, students will be forming and playing various guitar chords learning simple songs that they can sing along to. Older students will graduate to being able to comfortably handle a full size guitar around ages of 10-12, which is when many students become more interested in learning rock guitar and want to get an electric model.

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