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Musika has been offering Torrance Guitar Lessons since 2001. Our guitar teachers create customized lesson plans for each student, and help you bring music alive one note at a time!

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Featured Torrance Guitar Teachers

Andrew B


I am passionate about introducing music to young students as well as opening new doors to more experienced players. After studying Piano Performance at Biola University I went on the road as the guitar player for the rock band Fastball. I spent the next 12 years touring and recording in bands, honing my craft as a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer. In addition to teaching piano and guitar I now compose for television and film out of my home studio in North Hollywood, CA.

Scott M


I'm a skilled musician who has a deep passion for developing aspiring students. I've taught guitar for 8 years now and have had many students. I earned a degree in Music Composition from Azusa Pacific University in 2006. I love what I do and devote all of my energy towards music. I know that I can help you achieve your musical goals because I remember what it was like to start from the beginning.  Maybe you're not starting from the beginning but have reached a plateau in your playing and wish to reach the next level. There is a wealth of information available today but without a sequential approach, you will encounter unnecessary frustration and a lack of real improvement. With the right tools, the learning process can be enjoyable and fun. Whether your looking to become a speed demon, or just learn a few chords, I can help you implement strategies that will put you on the fast track to excelling in your desired field. I teach all styles and have a particular passion for film, video game music, metal, rock, classical and jazz music. Areas of focus include: -Chords (power chord extensions, inversions, altered dominants)  -Scales (modes, harmonic and melodic minor, diminished and whole tone) -Arpeggios (sweeping patterns, alternate picking through arpeggios) -Jazz Soloing (learning to navigate through complex chord progressions)  -Ear Training (learning to identify chords and scales by ear) -Music Theory ( spelling chords and scales and knowing how to use them)  -Speed and Accuracy ( how to get your playing to sound clean and fast)  -Composition and Songwriting ( Various compositional techniques and song writing approaches)

Luke M


Not only did I graduate from Berklee College of Music on the Dean's Honors List but I am also a professional touring musician so, on top of being able to teach you from the schooling side of music, I will also be able to teach you the important aspects of being a proficient guitar player in a live performance setting. No matter what you hope to get out of lessons, I am confident that I will be able to help you achieve your goals!

Timur D


I am a classical guitarist, and my teaching focuses on this instrument primarily, although I also teach acoustic, and electric guitar, as well as beginning to intermediate piano.

Wyatt M


I'm a film director and writer, a recent graduate in pursuit of a goal. I'm the first student from my undergrad institution (Montana State University) to attend the prestigious American Film Institute Conservatory in over 30 years. Though a writer/director, my first passion in life was music. I've played music since I was 6 years old. It has taken me all over the country through fiddle competitions, festivals, jams, etc. Many of my fondest memories from childhood are centered on those days of traveling to and from festivals in places I had never heard of. Indeed, those long days gone by, playing music well into every night, have formed who I am today. 

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More Information About Guitar Lessons

For young beginners, it is suggested that they start their guitar lessons by playing half or three-quarter sized acoustic guitars. Older students may be able to start off using an electric guitar, under the condition that they find it comfortable to hold. A student model guitar can be purchased in the $150 -$200 price range new, however, extra costs will need to be considered for electric guitar players, as amplification and cables will need to be purchased as well. Higher quality instruments tend to be easier to play, which will facilitate students enjoyment and progression in learning to play the guitar.
Musika offers customized one-on-one music lessons at your home - a time saving solution for busy parents and students. The convenience of in-home guitar lessons allows you to save time without having to transport your child to class, allows your child to maximize their busy schedule, and provides a safe and familiar environment in which to learn.
At Musika, we appreciate that every student learns at their own pace. As such, our experienced teachers produce customized guitar lessons specifically for the requirements of each individual student. Our teachers can design lessons for any student, regardless of their age, experience or ability. Some of the things students can expect to learn during their lessons are; learning all the notes of the guitar, playing and rhythmic techniques such as fretting, fingering and strumming, how to read musical notation and tablature, learning how to play a variety of different chords, such as open and barre chords, and music theory. Over time, as each student progresses, they will learn how to piece everything they have learned together, in order to form complete compositions. Students can learn to play their favourite songs, or even to write their music!
At Musika, we recommend that adult students looking to start guitar lessons have a clear goal in mind. Whether you are a beginner looking to get started and learn the basics, or an advanced player looking to push their skills that little bit further, our experienced teachers can help you to achieve those goals. It can take several months before you start to see serious progress towards your goals, as you slowly develop the techniques and skills over time. The quickest and most efficient way to achieve your guitar playing goals is to take regular lessons and practice diligently.
Students as young as 6 years old are welcome to start taking guitar lessons with our experienced guitar teachers at Musika. Students of such a young age will start learning simple melodies on the top strings of the guitar, as will play half-sized classical guitars with nylon strings. By age 7-8, students will start to learn more complex and challenging songs using chords. Around about the age of 10-12, many students express an interest in learning to play rock music using an electric guitar. By this stage, students are old enough to use a full sized guitar.

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