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Our music lesson students will have the opportunity to take lessons from the comfort of their own home or in one of the teachers studios. Careful attention is placed on each student to ensure a custom lesson plan. Our music teachers understand that every student has different needs and abilities and therefore the lessons will be planned with that knowledge in mind.

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Featured Saxophone Teachers In Gwinnett County

Here are just a few of the many teachers offering saxophone lessons in Gwinnett. Whether you are looking for beginner saxophone lessons for your kids, or are an adult wanting to improve your skills, the instructors in our network are ready to help you now!
Joseph B

Joseph B

Instruments: Saxophone, Clarinet

Every student is different and I try to be very attentive to the individual needs of each student. However, there are several method books for clarinet and saxophone as well as many different exercises that have been effective for my current students. For younger students or for adult beginners, I tend to start them out with the Essential Elements books or the Rubank method. I also try to start teaching scales at a young age because this opens up a whole world of possibilities for the student. Regardless of age, I believe that exercises and scales should always be balanced with something fun and occasionally I encourage my students to find music on their own that they are excited to play.

Susan Lark S

Susan Lark S

Instruments: Piano, Saxophone, Clarinet

For my younger, early elementary piano students, I use the Bastien Piano Basics.  For my older school-aged students, I typically use the Faber Piano Adventures series, usually starting off with the acclerated book for the older students.  For adults and some of my high school students, I use the Alfred Adult series.  All age levels will be taught music theory in conjunction with the regular music lesson, which gives them a deeper understanding of the music that they are learning! My band students will be taught based on what method book their director is using, whether it be Essential Elements, Standard of Excellence, etc.  Their lessons may be expanded upon by providing duets or solos for them to play.  I also encourage the older students to learn their scales and possibly audition for All-Sate Band if so desired.  All of my band students that have been playing for a least a year are encouraged to participate in an annual spring music recital.

Michael L

Michael L

Instruments: Piano, Voice, Saxophone, Organ, Synthesizer, Recorder, Oboe, English Horn

My favorite methods for piano include the Bastian. While I enjoy using this series, I will work with any music that the student already has and encourage students to find music that interests them. I introduce solos of varied styles for students of all levels, and when appropriate create studies and exercises to fit individual specific needs. My methods vary with each student to ensure and individualized lesson experience.

Jessica G

Jessica G

Instruments: Piano, Trumpet, Trombone, Saxophone, Flute

Typically when I begin with children I incorporate the Hoffman Method and Books such as the Little Mozarts books and Master Theory. I allow for children to learn fundamentals in a fun way so they can begin to read music and perform at recitals. For adults, I begin with the Master Theory Books to teach fundamentals. I then dive into whatever style they are interested in learning to begin learning to play full-length pieces.

Joshua H

Joshua H

Instruments: Saxophone

Teaching Methods: My methods are flexible, depending on the needs of every student. I do not attempt a "one-size-fits-all" methodology, as every child has their own unique challenges. I try to teach in a manner that addresses both the intersts of the student and the knowledge deemed necessary by myself, the teacher. My lessons will start with the fundamentals of the instrument, such as basic sound concepts and technique improvments, and gradually scaffold into more specialized and challenging demands.

Teaching Styles: As a teacher, I work to provide an encouraging learning environment where both student and teacher demonstrate utmost commitment to each other and the instrument. Lessons are upbeat and energetic, with a sense of humor. It is my goal for students to develop not only a sense of resonsibilty and respect towards the teacher, but also a genuine enthusiastic love for the instrument. Every student has different tendencies, so I will do my best to draw from those tendencies to provide the best possible learning experience.

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