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Our music lesson students will have the opportunity to take lessons from the comfort of their own home or in one of the teachers studios. Careful attention is placed on each student to ensure a custom lesson plan. Our music teachers understand that every student has different needs and abilities and therefore the lessons will be planned with that knowledge in mind.

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Featured Piano Teachers In Woodford County

Here are just a few of the many teachers offering piano lessons in Woodford. Whether you are looking for beginner piano lessons for your kids, or are an adult wanting to improve your skills, the instructors in our network are ready to help you now!
Brook H

Brook H

Instruments: Piano

From my world traveling experience I have had the challenge to teach many different styles of music to many different people of the world.   I come from a Classical and Progressive rock background, I prefer to incorporate these styles in my teaching but since i have performed every style of music I like to help my students to explore many different  styles and techniques

Aaron G

Aaron G

Instruments: Piano, Guitar, Drums, Harmonica

Teaching Methods: I cater to methods that will work best for the specific student. Whether it be book work and more classically used methods of teaching, or more contemporary methods, such as learning popular songs of today.

Teaching Styles: Very relaxed, laid-back. I like to make it as comfortable for the student as possible.

Christopher M

Christopher M

Instruments: Piano, Voice, Synthesizer

Teaching Methods: For beginner students I start with basics. Keys, lines, spaces, sharps, flats, etc.  I typically recommend a basic beginner level at the child or adult level.  For students wanting to play by ear I teach chords and rythym including phrasing, fill ins, intro's, ending, the utilization of transposing etc. 

Teaching Styles: I typically start my lessons with something positive about the day and start with scales.  I am very laid back and let children (if they're taking the lesson) enjoy themselves and have fun because piano should be fun, as it is very rewarding to those who play well. For adults I gather from what the student is able to do on the piano from the first lesson and then go from there.  If the student has never sat at a piano we go from there and if the student has some knowledge or more then I start teaching where they are. 

Justen S

Justen S

Instruments: Piano, Voice, Saxophone, Mallet Percussion, Orchestral Percussion

Teaching Methods: I begin with a basic assessment of the students overall musical abilities.  Based on the that assessment, I assign them books that are for their level and create an individualized learning plan for them.  Each lesson includes a time of warm up, technical practice, repertoire practice and the study of music theory. On a monthly basis, we revisit the learning plan and adjust it according to the students progress.    

Teaching Styles: Being a music educator has brought an immense amount of joy!  My personal goal is to share that joy with the student in each and every lesson.  Throughout the lesson, I work to encourage the student that they can accomplish each of their goals.  I give special attention and acknowledgment when a student reaches a goal and this fuels their progress toward reaching goals that are set in the future.

Barry M

Barry M

Instruments: Piano, Violin, Cello, Viola, Trumpet, Trombone, Flute, Clarinet, Bass Guitar, Double Bass, Euphonium, French Horn, Tuba

I try to find out what interests the student has and tailor my instruction to their needs. Again, goal setting is important for a young student as it helps them to focus on what they need to work on to improve. The better they sound and the more skill they have the better they will perform and will motivate them more than I or you ever could. Anyone can learn how to play an instrument but a key element to playing well is desire. Practice is hard work but if it is focused and you chip away at those goals, you will get better and more confident. Nothing is more rewarding than expressing yourself through music or sometype of art. The better you get the more you will want to share it with others.

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