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Our music lesson students will have the opportunity to take lessons from the comfort of their own home or in one of the teachers studios. Careful attention is placed on each student to ensure a custom lesson plan. Our music teachers understand that every student has different needs and abilities and therefore the lessons will be planned with that knowledge in mind.

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Featured Flute Teachers In Saint Bernard County

Here are just a few of the many teachers offering flute lessons in Saint Bernard. Whether you are looking for beginner flute lessons for your kids, or are an adult wanting to improve your skills, the instructors in our network are ready to help you now!
Andrew F

Andrew F

Instruments: Piano, Flute

Teaching Methods: I believe firmly in a strong fundamental technique and a clear concept of what it means to play with a beautiful sound. Beyond that, rhythm and the development of a good ear for both pitch and style make up a good deal of what I do with my students. I emphasize scales, simple melodies, and (as things progress) a healthy dose of etudes (Andersen, Berbiguer, Bozza, etc.) and Taffanel and Gaubert Studies. I always have access to a pianist and try to make sure that my students get ample experience playing with accompaniment!

Teaching Styles: Individual, with an initial focus on technical proficiency and sight reading.  I believe in a strong basic foundation and a LOT of performance opportunities!  A few times a year, I try to arrange to have additional performances for my students as well as providing information and updates about concerts and performances around them (my own included!).  We focus on sound and technique as part of the repertoire, not separate.  Music for festivals, all-state/solo and ensemble, auditions, etc. is also seen and ENCOURAGED - go for everything!

Trent S

Trent S

Instruments: Flute

Teaching Methods:   My goal is for the student to have fun and participate in the direction of their education while learning important theory and repertoire from the canon. For beginner students, I like the Rubank methods volumes 1 and 2 for fundamentals. This will be supported through tone development exercises and etudes for technique. I will introduce serious music as soon as possible commensurate with ability. Adults will be encouraged to follow their own interests, but with a continued eye on the fundamentals and canonic literature.

Teaching Styles:   My approach is hands-on. Lessons are structured with free-play and ear-training to warm up. This is followed by 15-25 minutes studying methods and etudes. The last ½ hour or so is dedicated to solo or performance repertoire. I work to cultivate an atmosphere of safety. ‘Mistakes’ are expected, it’s more important that the student plays with conviction; we can clean it up later. I encourage participation in ensembles, competitions, and recitals with the focus on participation, not perfection. I foster good sportsmanship and a non-judgmental environment so the student will feel safe in giving and receiving constructive criticism.

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